Help Page Target Processor

The Target Processor can be found at:

The following help is available;

1. Overview

Below is a screenshot with the starting page of the targe processor. The target processor can be used to process data and to give an overview of what has been and has not been processed. First choose a project and instrument, not supported projects and instruments are greyed out. After selecting a project and instrument click on the preselect target link, depending on the instrument different targets can be shown. After selecting a target the target processor will step by step guide you to selecting your targets and submitting these to a cluster. Below the image of the start screen are the different links explained. The left part of the screen is always visible, the rest of the screenshots of these help pages will not show this part.


2. Preselect Target

This screen gives the possible targets for processing for the given instrument. The example screen below gives the possible targets for the WFI instrument, with on the left the image pipeline products and on the right the calibration.

Preselect Target

3. Specify Target

This screen gives an overview of the possible targets grouped per night and filter or Observing Block. Specify a period and optinal a filter and click the Show button. Then click on one of the blocks to see the targets. The example screen shows the groups of targets for november 2001. Only targets with a DATE_OBS have this selection screen.

Specify Target

4. Select Target

This screen gives the possible targets which were selected in the previous screen. The user can check the targets and request these to be processed or queried. When querying it is possible to specify the query depth. When a target uses a list of objects as input the user can specify which to use. For example; for a BiasFrame the user can specify which RawBiasFrame's to use.

Select Target

5a. Process

Process or Query

The submit screen, giving an overview of what is going to be submitted to the dpu. The user can change the following settings :

5b. Query

This screen shows the result of a query for a RegriddedFrame that has not been processed. See the text on screen capture for more information.

Process or Query

6. Preferences


The preferences screen can be opened any time and gives the following options :

7. Process Parameters

Process Parameters

For the selected target the process parameters will be shown and can be set. In the python classes these are known as process_parameters.

8. Upload Code

Upload Code

Every time a job is submitted to a dpu all the python code is shipped also in zipped file. Normally the code from cvs is used but you can also use your own code.

9. Job Overview

Job Overview