FAQ - Online AWE Prompt

1. Code execution
Q: Where is my code executed ?
A: The code is executed on the web server in an AWE session. The session is stored on the webserver and the output of the session is send to you, the client.

2. Session
Q: How long is the session stored ?
A: The session is stored for two hours after the last command. So after two hours of inactivity the session is removed.

3. Files
Q: What happens to files I create or retrieve from the dataservers ?
A: Files are stored in a seperate directory on the webserver. You can access them using the link at the bottom right of the screen named 'files'. Notice that when the session is removed also the files are deleted, see question 2.

4. pylab
Q: Can I use pylab for plotting ?
A: Yes you can, only it is not possible to plot the result to the screen, but you can save the plot to a file and then retrieve the file, see question 3. Example:

5. Project & Privileges
Q: I can't seem to change the project and privileges on the online prompt ?
A: The project and privileges cannot be set using the context methods, but should be set with the combo boxes at the bottom of the online prompt.

6. Code examples
Q: Are there any code examples for the online prompt ?
A: Yes ! See the code snippets page.

7. Input
Q: Can I give multiple lines as input (copy paste) ?
A: Yes, since version 0.5 of the online prompt you can paste multiple (code) lines in the input field.

7. Tab Completion
Q: Can I use Tab to complete commands ?
A: Yes, hit Tab to see all possible completions.

8. AssociateList and CombinedList
Q: AssociateList and CombinedList objects made on the online prompt have zero associates and sources ?
A: When making and committing AssociateList or CombinedList objects using the online prompt put the make and commit method on one line. So do "al.make(); al.commit()" for an AssociateList named al.